from Mariupol
to take part
in documenta 15!
Platform TU! is a collective of artists from Mariupol, an occupied city in the East of Ukraine. The last project they did before the Russian invasion was Os’ - an art cluster for LGBTIQ* and creative youth. For one year they have been mentoring them in creative industries and continue to support them after the war has begun.

From 26th to 30th of July TU! will be a part of documenta fifteen organizing their program CITIZENSHIP UKRAINE. They want to think together with the international community, the people of Kassel and Europeans in general about the reasons of the aggressive war that the Russian Federation unleashed, about freedom, decoloniality and the danger of forgetting the past. The detailed program is here:
Four teenagers from the art cluster of TU! have escaped Mariupol and are now in Germany. They want to come to documenta with the team of TU!
Liza and Yulia speak German and will take part in discussions and assist the artists from TU! during workshops. Artem and Danylo, young directors, will document the workshops. All of them have spent a while in occupied Mariupol and their stories need to be heard!

The funding of ZK\U and documenta does not cover the costs of accommodation for Liza, Julia, Artyom and Danil, so TU! has asked us to support them with raising money for this occasion. The price of the accommodation for 5 nights is 1300 EUR now, as the prices in Kassel have grown due to the exhibition. We kindly ask our readers to help us bring the teenagers to documenta fifteen!
How to donate?
We ask you to transfer the donation directly to the account of our organization Dekabristen e.V. marked “TU Mariupol”:

Beneficiary: Dekabristen e.V.
Bank: DKB
IBAN: DE20 1203 0000 1020 1685 61

You can also send money by PayPal to, which will redirect your donation to the same account.