The program consisted of a series of webinars and workshops on methods of social and cultural projects, participatory art, tactical urbanism and project management. Upon completion of the course, several teams received mentoring and support for their mini-projects.
40 youth workers from Ukraine and Russia learnt and exchanged experiences on how to:
- create urban design projects with teenagers and young people
- change public spaces in their cities, neighborhoods and yards
Best Practices
All project participants could present their project ideas and receive resource support for the implementation of design laboratoriesx` with their target group of teenagers or young people. Among the finalists are projects for the release of zines about the area, an audio walk, the development of the design of the university garden and courtyard, an art laboratory for cartoning, the design of a dog walking area and the creation of a themed mural in the courtyard.

The most interesting practices of the project can be viewed in the full version of the site → in Russian and → in Ukrainian.