Social Innovation School
What is SOIN?
SOIN is a platform for social innovation and entrepreneurship in (Eastern) Europe. Launched as the Social Entrepreneurship School 'Eastern Partnership' in 2015, SOIN is focused on international ecosystem of social innovators from Germany and Eastern Europe and implements a range of capacity building and exchange programs in Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine. Further details on the programs and events.

The program consists of workshops, specialized workshops, discussions, and an SDG accelerator. SOIN was founded on the initiative of the German non-governmental organization Dekabristen e.V. The events are held in cooperation with the Minsk office of ODB Brussels, Ecovisio Moldova, the German, Ukrainian, and Russian Impact Hubs, the Green Movement of Russia "ECA", the Chasopis Eduspace co-working in Kiev and the crowdfunding platform with the financial support of the German Foreign Ministry.