Genealogies of Feminisms
A joint initiative of bridging feminisms, Fem Talks and
A series of meetings on the history of the institutionalization of gender studies and feminism in the post-Soviet space. We will discuss our guests' experience of participation in the process of institutionalization of gender studies and organizations, professional transnational relations and friendships formed in the process, the intersections between gender studies and feminism and the state of (utopian) ideas then and now.
May 22 - July 31 on Fridays - usually at 18.00, but sometimes at other times - follow the announcements.
Meetings will last 1.5-2 hours and will be held on the zoom platform. First, the guest will have a conversation with the moderator, and then it will be possible to ask questions "from the audience". The broadcast will also be available on the youtube channel
Meetings schedule
- Almira Usmanova (European Humanities University, Lithuania) and Elena Gapova (University of Western Michigan, USA) - co-founders of the EHU Gender Research Center, compilers of the Anthology of Gender Theory (Minsk, 2000) will take part in the first meeting on May 22 at 18.00

- On May 29, at 17.30., we will talk with Elena Zdravomyslova, a sociologist, head of the gender studies department at the European University in St. Petersburg, and the compiler (along with Anna Temkina) of the Collection of Feminist Texts (St. Petersburg, 2000)

- On June 5, at 18.00, Olga Shnyrova, the creator of the Ivanovo Center for Gender Research (1996), will be with us

- On June 12, at 18.00, we'll talk with Olga Lipovskaya, poetess, editor of the samizdat "Women's Reading" (1989-1991), head of the St. Petersburg Center for Gender Issues (1992)

- On June 19, at 18.00, we will meet with Tatyana Isaeva, the creator of the magazine on gender and feminism "I" (2003) and the founder of the Center for Gender Culture in Kharkov

- On June 26, at 18.00, Olga Voronina, a gender researcher, an employee of the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, compiler of the lecture course "Theory and Methodology of Gender Studies" (Moscow, 2001), the curriculum for the course "Fundamentals of Gender Studies" (Moscow, 2000) and the reader "Fundamentals, will be with us" gender studies "(Moscow, 2000)

- On July 3 (time to be specified), a meeting will be held with Svetlana Shakirova, a gender researcher, one of the founders of the Center for Gender Studies in Almaty (2000)

- On July 10, at 18.00, we will talk with Valentina Uspenskaya, a gender historian, co-director of the First Russian Summer School on Women and Gender Studies (1996, Valdai), director of the Center for Women History and Gender Studies of Tver State University (1999)

- On July 17, at 18.00, we will meet Irina Tartakovskaya - Senior Researcher in the Federal Research Sociological Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Candidate of Sociological Sciences. Irina is engaged in gender studies since the mid-90s and organized about 10 summer schools on gender issues.

- On July 24, at 18.00, Alla Mitrofanova, a philosopher, one of the creators of the Cyberfeminclub (1995, St. Petersburg) and the Cyberfeminist International (1997), will give a lecture on post-Soviet gender studies in the 1990s
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