Summer Lecture Series "Housing in Question"

Graduate School of Urbanism is organising summer lecture series "Housing in Question' in partnership with Dekabristen e.V. and Kompetenzzentrum Großsiedlungen e.V in the frames of ACT UP project.
Mass housing production of early 1950 — late 1970 has incontrovertibly changed cities in Europe, offering not only a new urban and housing typology but a completely new life style. Since then we are asking questions:

  • What kind of processes of different natures are happening in microdistricts all around Europe and Russia?
  • What challenges their dwellers are being put face-to-face with?
  • What kind of instruments do scholars and practitioners need to study modernity of modernist mass housing?
  • Can we as academics and planners find new perspectives on the edge of disciplines and socio-economic context?
In order to answer these questions, Graduate School of Urbanism in partnership with German organisation Dekabristen e.V. and Kompetenzzentrum Großsiedlungen e.V. is setting a summer cycle of lectures 'Housing in Question'. Every Wednesday, from July, 15th to September, 2nd 2020 we will meet with researchers and practitioners from various fields and disciplines on platform.

Summer lecture series is realised in the frames of the ACT UP Project organised by Dekabristen e.V. and supported by German Foreign Office.

Dezidor, Czechia. "Jižní Město" (Prague, Czechia)
Alexander Rentsch, Germany. "HSH #XX" ( Berlin Lichtenberg, Germany)