Trail to Slyudyanskie mines

A short picturesque trail with the best view of the surrounding area from the top.
2 km one-way
Difficulty: Easy
Be aware of ticks
Do not collect mica from the ground!
About this trail
  • Length
    2 km one-way
  • Difficulty
  • Dangers
  • Campsites
    No, no need for campsite
  • Permission
  • Water
    No sources of water
How to get there
To Severobaykalsk

- By train from Irkutsk or Krasnoyarsk. You can find schedule and buy tickets on the official website of Russian Railroads
- By plane from Irkutsk or Ulan-Ude to Nizhneangarsk (much further away from the start of a trail)

To the beginning of the pass

You can get to the beginning of the trail by your own car, by bus, or take a taxi from Severobaykalsk. The bus that runs twice a day between Severobaykalsk and the village of Baikalskoye. It departs at 8 am and 5 pm from the station square in Severobaykalsk.

The trail is in 1 km from the Sludyanskie lakes bus stop (you should go in the opposite direction to your bus ride).
No permission needed.
No equipment needed.
Do not collect mica from the ground. This mineral consists of many small needle-like particles that can remain on your fingers. You can get a serious injury even accidently touching your eyes!
The mines are located on the mountain near Bolshoe Slyudyanskoye lake. On the trail you will see exploded galleries of Boguchansky labor camps of the Soviet GULAG, where mica was extracted by prisoners in difficult conditions. Boguchansky labor camp was located there from 1927 to 1933. Hundreds of prisoners several times a day climbed that trail with empty carts and returned with carts loaded with mica. They lived in dugouts in very difficult conditions. Some of dugouts are still present, one can find deep niches in hard rocks, near the walls of which half-rotten remains of bunk beds covered with plants and moss can be found.

The prisoners of the camp made three galleries, from which they pulled out rocks and took large pieces of mica. Later, for safety reasons, the galleries were blown up and buried, now you can see only remains of the entrance frames.

From the end point of the trail you will see an amazing panorama of Slyudyansky lakes and Baikal.
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