Hiking trails
on Lake Baikal

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The capital of Buryatia. Buddhist temples, unique culture and local food.
Tunka Valley

The highest mountain range close to Lake Baikal. Steep rocky cliffs, pine trees and spring water.

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Zabaykalsky National Park

Pure wilderness and best landscapes of Lake Baikal.

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Lots of unique siberian wooden buildings, local culture, cafes, restraunts and beautiful Angara river.
Pribaykalskiy National Park

More than 50km of trails along the shore of Lake Baikal! The easiest destination to get to from Irkutsk.

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Khamar-Daban range

One of the most interesting and picturesque areas of Eastern Siberia, one of the oldest ranges on the Planet.

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Olkha Plateau rocks

Unique nature monuments. Excellent small trip on a day off in any season, especially in autumn and late summer

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Northern Baikal

2 picturesque trails on the North of Lake Baikal. Unique nature and not that many people around!

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About the project
This website was created as a part of the project 'Baikal Calling' - an international volunteer program organized in August 2018 by Dekabristen e.V. with the support of the German Foreign Office and in cooperation with the Great Baikal Trail (Irkutsk) and the Voluntary Corps of Baikal (Ulan-Ude). During the program, 45 participants from Germany, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova and Russia worked in several locations around lake Baikal (Bolshye Koty, Tanhoi, Irkutsk, Ust'-Barguzin, Ulan-Ude, Azagat), creating conditions for the development of sustainable tourism in the region. An important part of the project involved digitalizing the existing information on the tourist routes around lake Baikal and translating it into English. This mapping initiative has a goal of making tourism in the region more accessible to non-Russian speakers. At the same time, by providing access to the information on the existing hiking trails and routes, it contributes to lessening the impact of tourism on the unique ecosystem of the biggest freshwater source on the Planet.
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