Dear applicants!

Thank you very much for taking part in our open call. We have received over 300 applications from 40 countries. We had to choose from more than 1300 very interesting images. It was very challenging to select the best ones from so many impressive photographs, that's why it took the jury longer to make the decision. So thank you very much for your patience.

The decision was taken by a 5 person jury in an anonymous manner - the photographer's names and other details were anonymized during the judging process. The judgment of the jury was based on the criteria stated in the open call.
We are happy to announce two winners:
1st place
2nd place
Arseniy Kotov, Russia, "Man and the portal, Yaroslavl"
Jan Chudozilov, Switzerland, "9th district, Rustavi"
Congratulations to Arseniy Kotov and Jan Chudozilov!

Important information for all participants:
We will post most of the photographs on the Instagram page - please, let us know if you don't want your photo to be mentioned. We will get back and offer you to provide us with links to your website, Instagram and other accounts so that we could publish it with the images.

We have been working on the publication, designing the first draft, and creating a shortlist of photographs and photo series. They should be published in the volume "Eastern Blocks" along with the analysis and microrayons' stories from Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine, Russia, and other post-Soviet countries. There will be over 50 pictures published in the book and presented in the exhibitions and festivals. We will contact the photographers individually concerning publication plans.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, we have to adjust our further plans concerning the presentation of the photographs at the CANactions International Architecture Festival, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial, etc. Some of the events in Berlin, Kyiv, and Tbilisi were postponed to autumn 2020. We will keep you updated on further developments.

Thank you once again for taking part in the contest!