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Ukrainian music weekend at Kulturfabrik Moabit! 

Lira Session, 29.04, 20.00
Many musicians from Ukraine came to Berlin after 24.02. This Friday you can enjoy live electronic music from some of them - Mavka, Habitat Shaking, EYE DYE, Oana Oama, Anna Ivchenko & Kyrylo Shum and Julia Jazz, as well as experience a jam session after.
Music from Ukraine at KuFa Birthday, 30.04, 17.00
In collaboration with @KUL'TURA e.V.
The event will be opened by the Berlin-based Ukrainian singer Ganna Gryniva. Ganna has been traveling in different regions of Ukraine collecting ancient folklore songs and arranging them for her ethnic jazz ensemble GANNA. Then the stage will be taken by @monod0nt from Donetsk. Part of the Зоопарк crew, the artist is fond of weird sound experiments.
Before the beginning of the Russian full-scale war against Ukraine, Putin gave a speech denying Ukraine's sovereignty and the existence of a Ukrainian culture. Obviously, he did not study history well enough. Ukrainian culture is old, strong and has overcome more than one war. And it will overcome this one too. Come and see for yourself!

— Lineup 29.04 —
Habitat Shaking
Oana Oama
Anna Ivchenko & Kyrylo Shum
Julia Jazz
after: jam session

— Lineup 30.04 —
17 - 18 - GANNA Ensemble (folk, jazz, experimental)
18 - 19 - Monodont (electronic, experimental)

entrance: donation