Solidarity newsletter
A few days ago, the whole world was shaken by footage of the unprecedented cruelty of the Russian military in Bucha. Russian authorities and perpetrators of atrocities in the army should stand in front of an international tribunal for war crimes. The war should end and Ukraine should regain its territorial integrity.

We at Dekabristen e.V. support our partners, friends and family in Ukraine - from volunteering to help those coming to Poland and Germany to collecting donations to send to Ukraine. Here are two things to consider taking part in:
How to support people affected by war?

Online talk with Berlin-based initiatives

If you are interested in learning more about the support of people affected by war, join the online talk on Thursday, 7th of April, at 7pm CET, commonly organized by Dekabristen & Interflugs.

Various grassroots initiatives will introduce their work and share what their needs are right now. Volunteering is possible in many different ways – welcoming at train stations, counselling, coordinating, translating, cooking, accommodating etc. This meeting will provide concrete information about how to get involved and offer space to share insights and experiences. You can directly address your questions to the invited guests:

  • Ukrainian civic movement Vitsche and the association Allianz Ukrainischer Organisationen will talk about their experiences of providing help and organizing teamwork.
  • Coordinators from Südkreuz will talk about volunteering at train stations in Berlin and how to get involved.
  • Members of @VitscheTransportBot team will present a self-organized hotline and transport service for people fleeing from war and explain how to become a volunteer.
  • Qasa X @casakua was specifically created to respond to the war in Ukraine. They will tell more about their counselling sessions and resources for queer BIPoC and trans*/inter*/nonbinary people.
  • Welcome All is an initiative for international students fleeing from Ukraine, they gather to exchange legal and social information at Moritzplatz Garten every Sunday.
  • United Action Women and Girls e.V. will give an introduction on their work for providing education and empowerment for women and girls living in vulnerable conditions.
  • Sickness Affinity Group (SAG) works on the topic of sickness/disability and/or are affected by sickness/disability, they will share their experiences and information how to join.
  • Moabit hilft will talk on their coordination of accomodation offers and requests.

The current war in Ukraine has exposed once again the inhumane conditions of the German asylum system which is built on structural discrimination and racism. People affected by violent conflicts all over the world are facing the brutality of the European border regime. Since the state structures are not providing the basic needs for those who fled, volunteers and grassroots initiatives have stepped in.

Some initiatives that take part in the info meeting have been working to challenge this situation for a long time, while others have reacted to the most recent escalation of the Russian war in Ukraine that forced more than 4 million people in the last weeks to leave the country. Some supporters started without prior experience or reoriented their activities towards crisis aid. Together they are trying to cover the most essential needs of people arriving at the moment while working towards effective and sustainable change and justice in the long term.

The meeting will be held on Zoom in English, with the possibility of Ukrainian translation.

Further info:
Donate to save lives of people in Ukraine!
We have announced a fundraiser for medicines for people in Kyiv and the Kyiv region, Mykolaiv and Odessa! We need to raise a small amount of 5,000 euros to purchase military first aid kits, medicines and medical equipment for the treatment of the wounded and chronically ill in Ukraine. Fundraising is carried out at the request of our partner organization in Kyiv @nowasteukraine. Procurement and transportation will be handled by @vitsche_berlin.

Read more on our anti-war website.