Conference and hackathon against Internet censorship
Without Borders
Silent Green Kulturquartier
June 17-18
Berlin has long been one of the centers of IT migration. After the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, the number of those coming increased significantly. Newly arrived specialists have a need to meet new people and build support networks. In addition, both they and those who have lived in Berlin for a long time wish to be involved in anti-war and social projects in order to contribute to changing the situation in the region.

eQualitie, Teplitsa of Social Technologies, Roskomsvoboda, Internet Protection Society and Dekabristen e.V. decided to create a space where Berlin IT professionals and specialists can fulfill these and other needs, find new acquaintances and build connections to further help anti-war and anti-authoritarian projects.

"Internet Without Borders” is a series of conferences and hackathons against Internet censorship and a platform for uniting Russian-speaking IT and social projects under conditions of mass relocation of technical and civil communities. The goal is to find new solutions to overcome Internet censorship and restore Internet freedoms, as well as to help anti-war projects.

After the events in Tbilisi, Yerevan, and Vilnius, the conference and hackathon will take place in Berlin.
The conference will be held on June 17. Participants of the hackathon, as well as everyone who is interested in the topics of anti-war activism and internet freedom will be able to listen to the presentations of the event organizers - eQualitie, Internet Protection Society, Roskomsvoboda, Teplitsa of Social Technologies, as well as the international technical projects The Tor Project, Lantern, Access Now, OONI, New Node and CENO. In addition, the needs of media will be a central theme. We will listen to keynotes from the representatives of Novaya Gazeta, and Doxa. Representatives of Feminist Anti-war Resistance and the creators of Freemapping, a platform for self-organized initiatives, will also talk about their work. We also invited Russian-speaking IT specialists who live in Berlin and are already working on solutions to the problem of Internet censorship.

Day two, on June 18th, is a hackathon, where you will be able to work on a concrete technical or social challenge related to Internet censorship, blockades, secure communication, and anonymity. You can find the list of the challenges on the website.
We invite you to take part in the hackathon or just to come to the conference.
  • If you are a developer, a systems or network administrator, a designer, a creator of infographics, a data analyst, or a security specialist - register for the hackathon!
  • If you work for media or human rights NGOs, help anti-war initiatives, or cooperate with other civil society projects - you may just come to the conference, but your expertise will also be useful at the hackathon.

To participate in the conference and/or hackathon, fill out this application. The hackathon will be in Russian. Participation is free. The number of places is limited. For questions about participation, sponsorship, partnership - write 

Location: Silent green, Gerichtstraße 35, 13347 Berlin,
Organizer: eQualitie with the support of global, technological and local partners: Teplitsa of Social Technologies, Internet Protection Society, Roskomsvoboda, Tor, Lantern, OONI, Access Now, Dekabristen e.V. With the financial support of the Friedrich Ebert Foundation.