Chersky peak
Trekking to Chersky peak is one of the most popular routes in the Southern Baikal region
24 km one-way
Difficulty: Moderate
Ascent: 1650m
Be aware of ticks, snakes and bears
About this trail
24 km one-way
Bears, ticks and snakes
No permission needed
Yes, on most parts of the trail
How to get there
The easiest way is to take a train from Irkutsk to Sludyanka-1, it is 2-3 hours one-way to the top from here. You can find train schedule here:
No perminnion needed
More information on potable water
You can drink water from the Slyudyanka river even without boiling.
After the first half of the trail, there will be no water sources until you reach the meteorological station.
No equipment needed, but it's good to have proper hiking shoes. If you have trekking poles, take them with you - especially if you carry a heavy backpack.
There are no shops on the trail. However there is one small 'cafe'.
There are many places where you can set up a tent for free. If you want to set up your camp as close to the top as possible, you can stay at the meteorological station or in a camping site beside it. The camping has a page on Vkontakte social network, where you can book a place or ask any questions.
Most part of the trail is rather easy, the steep ascent begins only at the very top. For a trained tourist it usually takes 6 hours to the top and 5 hours back, thus it's possible to make the whole trip one-day. But for most people we recommend to make an overnight stay and spend some time relaxing and enjoying the picturesque landscapes of the Khamar-Daban mountain range.

You have to walk approximately half an hour from the station Slyudianka-1 to get to the beginning of the trail. There will be several shops along your way, so you can buy some food there. Then, just after the MCHS (Emergency services) base, the trail starts. There is a clear path that is almost impossible to lose. You will cross Slyudianka river several times and then after first 8 km of walking there will be a café where you can buy pancakes and tea. Sometimes there is also rice pilaf (Middle-Eastern dish) available. You can stop there for a short break or spend a night either in your own tent or in a guesthouse with a banya in the evening.

After one more hour of walking, the trail goes away from the river, so it's your last chance to get some water before you reach the meteostation located 1500 m above the sea level.

From the meteostation begins the ascent to the Chersky peak. You'll go along the ancient Starokomarsky road, which in the 18th century was a part of the tea road from China to Russia.
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