Open call for photography submissions on the topic of post-Socialist microdistricts (a.k.a.'microrayons') taken in any of the former Socialist states. The images should deal with the urban context of the microdistricts. We are interested in recent images as well as photographs taken in the past, including:
      DEADLINE: 15.02.2020
      • panoramic images of the microdistricts
      • images that reflect the urban context
      • images of unique buildings, or other esthetically characteristic objects
      • images that reflect contemporary transformations, adaptations of the built environment or vernacular architecture
      The winners will be awarded:
      • two prizes of 500€ and 200€ for first and second place
      • publication of the best photographs
      • presentation of photographs at urban festivals like CANactions International Architecture Festival, Tbilisi Architecture Biennial
      Currently, up to 50% of urban residents in the post-Soviet countries live in large housing estates or so-called 'microrayons', which were often built on the empty periphery of Soviet cities. Nowadays these districts are undergoing polarizing and difficult development processes. With the current decay and threatening collapse of supply and mobility infrastructures as well as the construction of new residential and commercial buildings the districts face rapid and destructive elitist densification.
      Final date for submissions is 15.02.2020
      The finalists and shortlisted images will be announced in April 2020.
      Who can apply?
      Everyone over 18 from any country in the world.
      Participation fee
      No fee is required
      What to submit?
      All the images submitted for the Competition should match the main topic of the Competition, that is Microrayons (Microdistrics - wikipedia) which were planned during the Soviet Union on its former territories and in Eastern European countries.

      See our Image Guidelines for further detail.
      How many images can I submit?
      You can submit up to 5 separate photos or 1 (one) series of 3-5 photos.

      Every single photograph needs to have a title (75 characters max),and a description of up to 400 characters. Every series needs to have a title for each individual photograph (75 characters max) and a description of the whole series of up to 400 characters.
      The overall winners will be chosen by a judging panel, selected by Dekabristen e.V.
      Judges are not permitted to enter into the competition.
      The judging will be completely anonymous.
      Please carefully read our Terms and Conditions before submitting an application.
      The application period is over.
      The educational project ACT|UP 2019-20 offers an advanced training on the revitalisation of peripheral large housing estates for 80 young urbanists and multipliers from Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Belarus. The activities include a study trip, workshops, round tables, public events with international experts and presentation of the results, with the goal of reaching and informing approx. 1200 actors from urban civil society, education, research, urban planning and culture sectors.
      DEADLINE: 15.02.2020